The Web series that demystifies the steps

involved in broadcasting a dance project online!


The web series La danse à portée de clic immerses us in the world of webcasting by following the journey of Emmalie Ruest and Stéphanie Fromentin, two choreographer-performers driven by the desire to present one of their shows on the web.

9 episodes to plan a webcast project

How do you capture a dance performance and put it online on the web? Is it better to broadcast it live or offline? Which platform to choose? During these 9 episodes, the choreographers exchange with experts in digital and video capture who offer them valuable advice to define, plan and materialize their online broadcast!


Digital serving dance

Different types of webcasting

Webcast platforms


Who does what; the roles of each party

Overview of the major steps of a project

The Axelle experience


Filming dance… filming movement

The technical needs of a video capture and its online publication

Demystifying copyright