Advices from our experts

Questions about intellectual property, difficulty in finding the right platform, lack of knowledge about the production process… These and many other issues can often be barriers to action. To help you get started, our experts have compiled tools and resources to guide you in launching a webcasting project.

To define and plan your project...

Why produce a webcast?

Before choosing where to broadcast your work, it is important to determine the objective(s) you hope to achieve. This tool provides a summary of the right questions to ask when selecting the ideal format for your needs.
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Who are you aiming to reach?

An important criterion to keep in mind is the audience that we want to reach. This document presents a short summary of the various social media platforms and the audiences that use them.
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What form of webcast is the most appropriate?

This tool presents a summary of the four forms of webcasts presented in the short video (live broadcast, live broadcast with capture(s), rental, and purchase).
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Steps for producing a webcast

The steps involved in carrying out a project to broadcast a choreographic work online vary according to different criteria (nature of the project, type of webcast, etc.). This sheet therefore presents a particular case: that of a live webcast of a company having a choreographic project in a theatre worn by a broadcaster.
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How do you choose your broadcast platform based on your objectives and audiences?

This table presents a detailed view of social networking platforms and the audiences that use them. These data can help you choose your webcast location based on the intended audience.
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Take action with La Machinerie who offers three concrete tools to complete.

To access the tools in their entirety, go to the site of La Machinerie.

To promote your project...

What partnership(s) should you establish to drive your webcast?

Promoting a webcast is an important aspect that should not be overlooked when displaying your creation on the Web. This document provides an overview of the levers that can be activated to develop visibility partnerships.
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What benefits can you hope to derive from a webcast?

Investing in a webcast reaps positive benefits for an organization or career. Discover the opportunities offered by webcasting in this short document.
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Some legal guidelines...

Elements to consider when licensing or assigning copyright

It is recommended to draw up an agreement to protect copyright. This document, written by William Audet, a lawyer specializing in copyright and digital media, summarizes some elements to consider when drafting an agreement to protect copyright.
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Frequently Asked Questions about copyright

This resource reviews the basics of intellectual property and some specifics related to broadcasting on online platforms.
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