Episode 3 - Online broadcasting platforms

The Web is a new broadcast space whose contours can seem difficult to draw. Without understanding some important criteria, selecting a broadcast platform can prove difficult. In this episode, Éric Valley, Tictactix senior partner, ticketing expert and Mickaël Spinnhirny, co-director of the SCÉNO.TV platform, present several of these important criteria for dancers to consider in selecting an online platform.
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How do you choose your broadcast platform based on your objectives and audiences?

This table presents a detailed view of social networking platforms and the audiences that use them. These data can help you choose your webcast location based on the intended audience.
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What partnership(s) should you establish to drive your webcast?

Promoting a webcast is an important aspect that should not be overlooked when displaying your creation on the Web. This document provides an overview of the levers that can be activated to develop visibility partnerships.
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What benefits can you hope to derive from a webcast?

Investing in a webcast reaps positive benefits for an organization or career. Discover the opportunities offered by webcasting in this short document.
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La Machinerie proposes to take action by completing these tools :

- Comparative grid of webcast platforms
- Action plans to develop and increase your webcast audience
- Digital marketing in a webcast context

These tools guide you step by step in selecting an online distribution platform and help you develop a marketing strategy plan tailored to your audiences. To access the tools in their entirety, go to the site of La Machinerie.
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Webcast platform

Service that enables you to benefit from audio or audiovisual content quickly after making a request. The platforms can enable webcasting live or pre-recorded and may be free of charge, such as social media, or charge a fee, such as professional platforms.

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